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Hi, my name is Jack Warncke, I studied Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program.


As a designer, the challenge of creating a better experience through product interaction fascinates me. I have a strong passion for creative problem solving and user-centered design. I enjoy the design process from start to finish, getting to learn about a user, what they do, and how they interact with products and their environment. My interest in design is constantly evolving, the more projects and problems I tackle, the more my perspective has grown.  I look forward to my next set of opportunities to solve new problems and expand my skills. 


In my free time, there’s a good chance you’ll probably still find me drawing, creating, and/or teaching myself new skills.  As a former athlete, I enjoy being active and competing, especially through growing my golf game.  I also love to hang with friends, play video games, hit the gym and read.

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